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Welcome to Indopak Translation Services.

We believe in listening to our customers, building long-term relationships and providing continuous customer care.

Legal Translation

It is very important to have specialist knowledge of the legal industry to provide quality legal translation. IndoPak Translation Service have team of professional legal translators who have performed their duties within legal sector previously, they fully understand the culture and they have complete in depth knowledge of legal system pertaining to their native country.

At IndoPak Translation Service we are happy to provide our clients the witness statements or certified documents for their legal requirements. Our translators have professional qualification in their specific fields and they are usually practicing advocates, solicitors, barristers and University professors.

The translation of legal documents provided by IndoPak Translation Service includes civil contracts, household tenancy, sale or purchase of properties, partnerships, securities, loans, commercial contracts, employment contracts, legal rulings, petitions, sworn statements, indictments, legal reports, deeds of partnerships, articles of incorporation, financial statements and insurance policies.


We work with certified, legal, medical, technical translators as well as web page translators so that we can offer quality translations in practically any language and area of specialisation.


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