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Indopak Translations provide professional services to our clients in the area of English to Chinese translation and Chinese to English translation as well as other Chinese translation services. Our professional Linguists translate all type of technical, non-technical and specialised documents. We provide our reliable services to the companies as well as members of the public.

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Language Assessment and many more...
Translation Chinese Translation
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Translation Chinese Translation
Indopak Translations offers translation of following languages from English and vice versa.
Asian Languages
Mandarin (Shahmukhi)
Mandarin (Gurmakhi)
Other Languages
Bahasa Malaysia
Bahasa Indonesia
and many more...
Areas of translation expertise on which we deal.
Local Government
Medical and Pharmaceutical
Political Issues
Marriage Certificates
Birth Certificates
and many more...

Welcome to the Indopak Chinese translation company. The right place for all of your translation needs .

• Our software and systems are well organised and can handle any kind of complicated multi-language projects.

• Our Chinese translators are highly qualified, and well experienced.

• The Chinese translators only provide translation into their native languages and vice versa.

• Our Chinese translators/proofreaders have specific knowledge of the vocabulary pertaining to your business.

• All our Chinese translation projects are proofread by another independent well-qualified translator to ensure high quality service and we do not charge additional fee for this service. This is our speciality.

• It is our normal practice to ensure that quality procedures are undertaken before any work commences. All Mandarin translators are fully briefed and allocated the projects based on their individual knowledge/expertise in that area. The final translated documents we deliver are accurate and undergo through strict proofreading and editing process before being submitted to the client.

• Indopak Translation was established by experienced professional Chinese linguists with over 15 years experience in the fields of translation, interpreting and management. We have a committed online team that deals with your requests immediately.

• We provide our professional services to a broad-based clientele including N.H.S., Local Authorities and other reputed organisations.

• We have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

• We have the most sophisticated software to ensure that our work and monitoring systems are of the highest quality.

• We are proud to offer high customer satisfaction and the respected reputation we have today.

• We have access to wide range of experienced, qualified Associates, all of whom are native speakers. We can therefore provide a proactive and flexible service to meet specific client needs.

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